Senior Lash Tech

$85 Discover Lash - 35 Lashes per Eye (approx 35 - 45 min)

Discover the world of eyelash extensions, this set is recommended for the women/men who just
love trying new things, it’s sort of like having a mini manicure.

This procedure takes about 30-45 mins from a highly qualified technician adding each individual eyelash with style and precision. Perfect for the ones out there who just want a taste of eyelash extensions before they decide to Go Big and Never go Home.

$135 Born With It – 55 Lashes per Eye (approx 45-70min)

Excuse me? What mascara are you wearing? None, they’re mine.

Adding 55 lashes per eye is ideal for the individuals who like the look of one or two light coats of lengthening mascara. Smart and chic on the go!

$165 Bedroom Eyes – 65 Lashes per Eye (approx 60-90min)

Like chocolate cake, with no calories… soft, sultry, mesmerizing and seductive.

Elegant or vain? We’re proud to be elegantly vain. Treat yourself to longer fuller lashes minus
mascara smudges… puuuurrrfect…

$200 Fembotika – 80 Lashes + (approx 80-120min)

How to kill with a Bat, Lady Danger is on her way.
Bold, and sexy – sweet and sassy – smart and classy. She’s Lethal.

Once you go big, we will have to convince you to go home. Fully Loading your lashes will give yourself and your eyelash technician the opportunity to design your lashes to your deepest desires. Who is your Fembotika?

Vixen Babe - Genuine Mink Upgrade (for experienced lash addicts only)

“Big Girls Can Do Anything, Bad Girls Will Do Anything…”

if you’re getting married or have a special occasion to go to. Maybe every day is a special
occasion? Let us know. We’ll tell you how to have more options...
Vixen babe haaaay! (see photos on instagram)


Our eyelash technicians have 2-5 years of eyelash extension experience.

Due to different product and designs from other salons, we respectively do not refill work done by others.
Our health and safety concerns are top level as we ensure each application is applied with precision avoiding suffocation of the hair follicle along with important methods to benefit your eyelash condition.

$60 – 2 week refill
$80 – 3 week refill
$100 – 4 week refill

Professional Eyelash Extension Removal

$20 – Removals for Lashes By Fembotika (15-30min)
$40 – Removals for Lashes By Others (30-60min)