Lash Care

Congratulations! So you’re on your way home with your first set of eyelash extensions.  

Lets go over a few IMPORTANT things that we should and shouldn’t do.


1. Do not rub your eyes
2. Do not get your lashes wet for 24 hours
3. Do not steam for 48 hours
4. Do not get a facial (you can, right before your next refill)
5. Do not wear waterproof eye make up
6. Do not use oil base make up removers
7. Do not curl lashes with lash curler (Let us know for next time, you want them curlier)
8. Do not sleep on your face
9. Do not put moisturizers on your extensions


1. Do give tender lashing care
2. Do brush lashes daily after cleaning
3. Do clean lashes like your own, with more care and no oils
4. Do use OIL FREE make up remover
5. Do use Qtips to clean around eyes
6. Do use heated plastic lash curler (if u must)
7. Do use face cloth to wash face
6. Do refresh your set after 4 refills Max
7. Do keep your beauty secrets