Junior Lash Tech

Baby Botika – FULL SET $120 (Junior lash tech)

Our Fembotika Lash Techs are specially picked from many estheticians, nail technicians, makeup
artists, and other amazing individuals who are determined to raise the bar for lash longevity. No
class has more than 2 students and not everyone gets to work on the floor.
True Story. Book an appointment and see what a set of Baby Botika Lashes are all about.

REFILL MENU (Junior lash tech)

Baby Top- $45 (20 lashes per eye)

Baby Top? Whats a Baby Top? Everyone wants a Baby Top up.
We’ll clean, sanitize and straighten out lashes you currently have on and add a baby top up of 20
lashes per eye. Best quick fix on a budget.

Real Love tops $90 (40 lashes per eye)

Real Love? Real Love.
We’ll Clean, Sanitize, Straighten out, tighten, and remove unhappy lashes. Then, add 40 lashes
per eye. This may be all you need!