Q: Can I curl my eyelashes before my appointment?

A : It’s best to keep your eyelashes at its natural state before extension so we can properly analyze your eyes and lashes to determine the proper formulation for your eyelash design. Keeping your lashes natural before extension is also good for longevity of your extension ; this way your natural lashes will not fight the extension because it will want to straighten out.

Q: Can I come in with mascara before my appointment? It’s an absolute Must.

A: Our best advice is to come in with no mascara so we have more time for extension and less time spent on cleaning. However, we do understand that in some cases we can’t live without anything on our lashes in the public. If that’s the case, and you’d also like more durable eyelash extensions, please FULLY remove mascara at least 3 hours prior your appointment .

Q: Can I wear mascara on my eyelash extensions?

A: Yes, we can wear NON waterproof mascara over eyelash extensions , we can put anything on our eyes that does not require an oil base remover. We recommend using everythingWATERBASED. Although we can use NON waterproof mascara, we will always suggest you not to because any mascara can break down the bond faster than if you didn’t use mascara on your eyelash extensions.

Q: I have allergies and my eyes get very itchy and watery can I still get eyelash extensions?

A: We can do anything we want to do. but if you do have allergies, we suggest you to not get them especially if you are prone to eye rubbing. Rubbing the eyelash extensions can cause lashes to fall off.

Q: I am Pregnant, can I still have eyelash extensions?

A: No, we will not apply eyelashes on pregnant women because you will need to lay flat on your back for 40-90 mins. This will cause discomfort for both the mother and baby

Q: I want Kim Kardashians eyelashes can we achieve that look?

A: No, not unless you have the same natural set of eyes as her. But what we can do is assess your eyes and lashes to build you the thickest and fullest set of lashes that your eyes are capable of holding. Long and Luscious , Full and Flirty, Soft And Sultry… Most of us really do GO BIG OR GOHOME!

Q: How long will my eyelash extensions Last?

A: It depends on your eyelash condition, the life stage of your lashes, how many lashes you apply, which set you get, and how you take care of it. Eyelash condition: if you have stronger lashes, your lashes will be able to hold on to the extension longer Life Stage of lashes: Your lashes all have different life cycles, if it’s in its 3rd stage and is ready to come
out, the lash will fall off with the extension and a cub hair will follow right behind it. How many lashes you apply: the more you apply, the longer they will last because if you do apply more, then you will have less natural lashes carrying oils to your extensions that loosen up the bond.

Q: How Long do they last? How often should I get a refill?

A: Eyelash Extensions are very similar to artificial nails, We recommend every 2-3 weeks for a fill. we don’t usually wait until our nails grow out before we fill it, usually if we wait too long, the nails will require a full removal and re application. However some people are able to wait 4-5 weeks before they need more lashes added because they have naturally a lot of lashes but need the fullness of lash extensions. We’ve noticed some people who get fully loaded eyelash extenstions have longer lasting lashes and do not require fills as soon. Generally a 3-4 week refill is ideal.

Q: My eyelashes are majorly due for a fill and I’m on vacation, can I just pull them off myself?

A: Not unless you want to damage your lashes. Oil base products, heat, and steam will promote loosening of the eyelash extension bond. Try to soak your lashes with an oil base eye make up remover and take a hot steaming shower. If that doesn’t work, and you are stuck with a few long ones; at your own risk, CAREFULLY trim down your extensions to similar length of your natural lashes and use mascara to blend them in together. Or get them professionally removed from a qualified eyelash technician.

Q: I have naturally long eyelashes, but I still use mascara. Can I still get eyelash extensions?

A: Yes, eyelash extensions give volume as well as length. If you’re happy with your current length we are able to add lash extensions to create the illusion of thicker fuller lashes

Q: I have very short and thin lashes and am going on a vacation for 1 month, what is suggested to have the longest lasting eyelash extensions for me?

A: For Eyelash Longevity on short eyelashes is to GO BIGNOT xtra LONG. We can add volume by adding as many thin lashes as we can. However, we do not suggest to go too much longer than your natural lashes because the extensions will be very heavy and cause your extensions to slide off your lashes sooner. Your lashes can still look very full and flirty.

Q: I am getting married in 1 month when should I book my appointment?

A: Book your first and second appointment as soon as possible. Preferably your first set 6 months in advance. Get to know your lash extensions, how they feel and how to take care of them. Come in for your first set to select which set you prefer on your wedding day. After your first initial set you will be able to decide if you’d like your eyelash extensions to be more or less, longer or shorter. Prepare prepare prepare!!

Q: I have skinny mini eyelashes, I want my eyelash extensions to be as full as hers.

A: if you have very thin eyelashes but a lot of them, we can help you by Fully Loading your lashes with A LOT of thin eyelash extensions. If you have less natural lashes but thick ones, we can add thicker eyelash extensions on you to achieve the fuller look. However, if your eyelashes are very thin, and you don’t have many of them we will not add the thicker extensions on you because it will be too heavy for your lashes to handle. We take care and pride in eyelash health and safety. If your eyes can’t handle it,
we won’t do it.

Q: I’ve had a bad experience from another eyelash eye lash technician. How can you help me?

A: We can help you remove the eyelash extensions, and book an appointment for another day to apply a full new set. We will need to wait at least a few days to 1 week before we apply a fresh new set so the eyes have time to rest and heal from previous damage.

Q: Can I bring a picture to achieve a certain look?

A: Yes pictures are very helpful, bring a picture of a set of lashes that you love, or the pair of falsies that you love, and your favorite mascara. Your qualified Fembotika Eyelash Technician will go through a consultation and discuss your eyelash goals to determine the formula and design selection to fit your eyes for your goal look.

Q: How do I take care of my eyelash extensions?

A: See our lash care page.